RO-LCG 2016


10:00Welcome AddressAcad. Nicolae Victor ZAMFIR
10:05Conference overview and logisticsMihnea Dulea
SESSION: e-Infrastructures for Large-Scale Collaborations - Part I (10:10-12:40)
10:10One Decade of Computational Support for Advanced ResearchMihnea Dulea
10:30EGI: advanced computing for research ... in Europe and beyond!Yannick Legré
11:00GÉANT Advanced Network Services Delivery for HPC in ScienceRudolf Vohnout
11:40MICC - new targets for information technology and computing in JINRGheorghe Adam
12:10Exploiting the Resources of a University HPC CenterDana Petcu
12:40Sponsor presentation: Lenovo Solutions for EnterprisesAurel Netin
13:10Sponsor presentation: Dell EMC Modern Datacenter enabling the Future-Ready EnterpriseDan Bogdan
14:30Industrial presentation: Achieving the next phase of performance evolution on SupercomputingBoris Neiman
SESSION: e-Infrastructures for Large-Scale Collaborations - Part II (15:00-16:00)
15:00National Communication Infrastructure for Romanian Research ProjectsOctavian Rusu
15:30High Performance Computing Infrastructure of the Babeş-Bolyai UniversityVirginia Niculescu
SESSION: Distributed Computing (10:00-11:30)
10:00DIRAC: from particle physics to other scientific domainsAndrei Tsaregorodtsev
10:30Simulation of a Distributed Data Processing System for HEP ExperimentsAndrey Nechaevskiy
11:00Integration of HTC and HPC tools for solving complex problems in computational biologyIonuţ Vasile
SESSION: Algorithms and Applications Development - Part I (11:40-13:10)
11:40Classes of integrals in the automatic adaptive quadratureGheorghe Adam
12:00SpeechXRays. Multi-channel biometrics combining acoustic and machine vision analysis of speech, lips movement and faceAlexandru Nicolin
12:30TraViS: GPU Accelerated Computing Tool for Monitoring and Analyzing Network TrafficMihai Carabaş
12:50Numerical simulations for the propagation of laser beamsVictor Palea
SESSION: Algorithms and Applications Development - Part II (14:00-15:30)
14:00Sympathetic skin response analysis using exosomatic method, biomedical sensors and clustering techniqueMaria Raluca Aileni
14:20Big Data and Deep Learning Based Predictive Analytics of High Order Harmonics Generation Optimal ScenariosAndreea Mihăilescu
14:40Big data predictive analytics for bioheat transfer modelingMaria Raluca Aileni
15:00Geant4 simulation of cone shape attenuator for uniform spatial dose distribution for a proton beam generated by fs lasersSohichiroh Aogaki
SESSION: Status reports and activities of HTC/HPC installations - Part I (15:45-16:30)
15:45Overview of the national computing support for the LHC communityMihnea Dulea
16:10The evolution of the RO-16-UAIC grid siteCiprian Pînzaru
SESSION: Cloud computing - Part I (16:30-17:00)
16:30HPC Cloud Application Orchestration through Self-OrganizationDana Petcu
SESSION: Cloud computing - Part II (10:00-11:00)
10:00Implementation of a Decentralized Cloud Platform using 5G NetworksGeorge Suciu
10:30CLOUDIFIN, the first NGI-RO site participating to the EGI Federated CloudIonuţ Vasile
SESSION: Status reports and activities of HTC/HPC installations - Part II (11:00-12:30)
11:00Status report of ISS Grid activitiesLiviu Irimia
11:30Support of Multiple LHC VOs in a Heterogeneous Grid SiteMihai Ciubăncan
11:50Current status and future upgrade at ITIM Grid siteRadu Truşcă
12:10New Network Design for the Grid InfrastructureTeodor Ivănoaica

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